Thursday, July 1, 2010

Nostalgic Weekend in New Hampshire

I have always had an unhealthy obsession with ice cream but when you add in ice cream cake to the equation I just go crazy. I remember being a kid anxiously waiting the end of the party or the birthday dinner... it was all a means just to get to my precious ice cream cake. I'm not picky. I will eat and enjoy all brands or homemade cakes but I think most of my memories involve Carvel.

A couple weeks ago my younger sister turned 25 (which means I'm getting old) so we traveled to New Hampshire for a family celebration.

I present my sister, Jocelyn, in all her glory... Aruba this year...

Being goofy a couple of years ago...

To be a little nicer to my baby sister, a nice photo of all the ladies in my family from our trip to Aruba... my youngest sister, me, my mom, and Jocelyn.

If my she read this blog she'd hate me... but she doesn't so I think I'm safe. She will never know that I've shared these great pictures!

Anyway... back to the ice cream cake... the first night we were at my parent's house the Carvel cake made an appearance. I immediately forgot that it was my sister's birthday, and not mine, and pushed and shoved my family out of the way to get to some of the cold, creamy goodness... then I saw my mom's handy work, "Happy Birthday Jocelyn"... oops!

In addition to the Carvel cake my sister had picked up a sampling of goodies from a local bakery. My plate featured the heavenly ice cream cake and a taste of carrot cake. Personally I don't think the carrot cake had a chance but it was still tasty.

After a sugar induced night of sleep we all went out to the Strawberry Patch for breakfast. Matt ordered traditional Eggs Benedict which was served with home fries and, of course, a strawberry.

I ordered a cheese and tomatoe omelet with home fries and homemade cinnamon raisin toast.

It was a great weekend reminiscing both with our taste buds and with our stories!

Just in case you're actually reading this post... Happy (Belated) Birthday Jocelyn!

*sorry about the photos!*

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  1. Ok this may sound weird but you look like/remind me so much of my sister, haha.

    Cute pic of you!