Sunday, December 20, 2009

Disappearing Act...

Hey All!

Sorry I've disappeared. The vacation was great but ever since we got back I've been feeling like I'm on my death bed. My cough hasn't gone away (my ribs are bruised and hurt!) and I think I have a cold on top of it! I have had no energy to make food, eat food or remember to take photos. Also, believe it or not, I haven't even started my Christmas shopping yet! Yikes!

Real quick a summary of photos from the weekend before our trip. Dinner in the North End at Carmen. I had a glass of Italian white wine, salad and pumpkin and squash ravioli.

My friend had this delicious looking bowl of seafood. I'm going to have to try it the next time we go back!

Then there was our awesome vacation with our friends Julia and Chris! Of course I forgot to take pictures of most of our food but here is what I do have!

Breakfast at the airport

Our first drinks at the resort... Airborne... which apparently did nothing for me

First real drink at the pool, BBC

Day 1 buffet lunch on the resort

Day 2 first breakfast at the resort

Day 2 lunch, conch chowder yum!!

Day 2 lunch grilled mahi-mahi on a salad

Hummus appetizer at dinner

Scallop appetizer

Crab chowder

Matt's dessert, key lime pie

My dessert, grilled bananas with ice cream

This was the view from the gym. It made going to the gym more enjoyable. I actually went a couple of mornings before breakfast. Matt kicked my butt by going to the gym every day! Jerk! ;o)

Chris, Julia, Matt and me at the swim-up bar

Matt and I on the pier

All dressed up for our last dinner on the resort

Hope everyone is more prepared for the holidays than I am! I probably will return to the blog after Christmas. I haven't been going to the gym, trying to rest to get healthy again. I've now been sick for a month and it's so frustrating!

Happy Holidays!

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