Monday, April 19, 2010

Baby Celebration at Upstairs on the Square

Thursday night I was too tired to make anything for dinner after going for a run (and icing my stupid knees) that I just heated up a couple of Boca veggie burgers and a salad for Matt and me.

Friday after work we picked up Zen take out with our friends Sean and McCaela for a nice relaxing night at their home. I got Alaskan Maki (salmon, avocado, cucumber, and scallions) and Spicy Crispy Tuna Maki (roe, spicy mayo, cucumber and tempura crumb inside with tuna on top). Matt got his life staple, Chicken Katsu (as Sean liked to call it "fried chicken"). After dinner McCaela made us delicious oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. It was a great night!

Saturday morning I made scrambled eggs, toast and coffee for us to start our day. I love lazy mornings! However, shortly after breakfast Matt took off for a beer summit with friends while I got ready for a baby shower at Upstairs on the Square. The baby shower was beautiful! A lovely little high tea which was a perfect way to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new baby girl!

The first photo of all the beautiful, delicious finger sandwiches and desserts.

A photo of my cup and pot of green tea

A photo of the beautiful, glowing mom-to-be with her friend and her mom

Another photo of the food, just so we didn't forget!

After the baby shower I was stuffed from trying almost one of everything on the trays so we decided to do a relatively light dinner. Before we could make dinner we had to take a walk down to Whole Foods to get some weekend meal supplies, ingredients for our pizza dinner, ice cream, and frozen blueberry waffles for Sunday's breakfast. Shortly after we got home my belly startled to grumble. Time to make the pizza! It turned out great! Matt picked a new pizza shell for us to try, Top This! I would definitely recommend it and get it again. It is made of whole wheat so the fiber count is higher than most pizza shells. The thin crust was delicious and crispy! Yum! We topped the pizza shell with pasta sauce, mozzarella & romano cheese, hot cherry peppers, red peppers, and pepperoni. We also got a bottle of zinfandel that complimented the pizza perfectly!

By the end of Saturday it had been a great weekend already and we still had two days left! Yippee!

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