Friday, April 23, 2010

Birthday Celebration #1 - Stephen Ross Wine Dinner at the Taj

About a month ago Matt was in our local liquor store, Charles Street Liquors, picking up his new favorite bottle of Zinfandel, Stephen Ross. While he was checking out the owner of the store told him about the Stephen Ross wine dinner that was scheduled at the Taj. Matt immediately contacted our two friends, Zach and Jen, and booked the dinner for the four of us for my birthday first birthday celebration.

It was a small event with a total of 15 people which included Stephen Ross, the owner of the liquor store (and his wife), and the wine distributor and his wife. So there were only about 3 other couples that we didn't know at the wine dinner... so much fun!

The event started with a tasting in the wine cellar with appetizers. We tasted a Chardonay, two different Pinot Noirs, and a Zinfandel. There were lots of yummy appetizers to compliment the wine we were tasting but I only got a picture of the salmon.

We then proceeded upstairs to the restaurant where we started our wine paired dinner. We started with a full glass of the Chardonnay with the lobster salad.

Then we had a light pinot noir to accompany the gnocchi with truffles.

For the main course we had a bigger pinot noir that was a perfect compliment to the steak that was served with asparagus and mashed potatoes.

Last but not least was a glass of Matt's favorite zinfandel which was paired with heavenly chocolate dessert.

It was such a great night and a fantastic event! We hope to visit the Stephen Ross wine cellar in San Luis Obispo sometime soon for another tasting!

After dinner Matt and I were stuffed so we decided to walk home. It was a beautiful night, perfect for a stroll through the Public Gardens and the Boston Common! Happy early birthday to me!


  1. Stephen Ross makes great wine. If you really want to treat yourself to a great evening of excellent food and wine with the wine maker join the Stephen Ross Barrel Adopters program. You'll get two cases of Stephen Ross and next April you can make the trek to San Luis Obispo to have dinner with Steve and Paula Dooley IN the winery. It's a lot of fun. My wife and I are faithful members and we regularly make the trek from Texas because it is such a good time.

  2. Charlie - Thanks for the tip! We actually talked to Stephen about it. I definitely think we're going to look into the program! Maybe we'll see you next year?!