Monday, January 25, 2010

Further recipe analysis

Well, this is definitely going to be a long project!

Yesterday afternoon I spent two hours going through a stack of recipes that I have collected from magazines over the last five years. I got rid of probably half of them after realizing I probably wasn't actually going to make some of them ever based on my food likes and dislikes. After all of the purging I went back to the remaining loose paper recipes and sorted them into groups: poultry, meat, pork, soups & salads, appetizers, breakfast, cookies, dessert, sides & vegetables, pasta, seafood, and miscellaneous. Based solely on these loose paper recipes I figured out how many recipes per group per month I need to make to finish within a year:

1.5/mo breakfast
2.25/mo appetizers
3/mo soups & salads
2/mo sides & vegetables
1/mo cookies
7/mo desserts
2/mo miscellaneous
2/mo pork
1/wk poultry
2/mo beef
1/mo pasta
1/mo seafood

Then I also flipped through two additional books. One book I pasted recipes into that were cut out of magazines (without trying?! what was I thinking?!) and the other is a recipe binder of family recipes from my mother-in-law. This was my final tally from those two books:

3 appetizers
3 salads
1 bread
4 sides/veggies
12 entrees
19 desserts & cookies
19 breakfast

In addition to the paper recipes I have 4 online accounts holding recipes:
Allrecipes = 394 total recipes
Food Network = 248 total recipes
Epicurious = 307 total recipes
Tastebook (which is where I copy a lot of the recipes I find from blogs that I read) = 84 total recipes

My estimated total is about 1410 recipes.

I think I have a problem!

I could do one new recipe a day for almost the next 4 years!

So not only do I have a problem with the concept of my project but I apparently also have an addiction to food and recipes. My next step will be to go through all of my online accounts and get rid of any recipes that I don't have a desire to try. Then ignore all of the recipes I receive in the future from my food newsletters and food blogs (maybe save one or two that look really, really good!?)! Regarding my cooking project I am going to make all of my loose paper recipes first before I move on to the others. I'm lucky that my picky eater is willing to go on this journey with me!

I hope you're prepared for a lot of recipes!

More to come...

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  1. And new size 42 pants, as it looks like desserts dominate the list!