Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sirloin Tips

We had more snow today. I'm not sure that it will ever stop! Yuk!

I recently decided not to take pictures of my breakfast or lunch anymore because they're so similar day to day. For example, today I had a Chobani vanilla yogurt with a handful of Kashi Cinnamon Harvest mixed in. Then for lunch I had my typical half sandwich. One piece of whole wheat bread, mustard, American cheese and sliced chicken. Boring but satisfying. If I ever something new and exciting for breakfast or lunch I'll make sure to capture it to share with everyone!

Dinner tonight was a winner! Matt is typically not a fan of steak tips but we both loved dinner tonight. Steak tips over brown rice with roasted butternut squash, accompanied by a bottle of Curious Beagle Cabernet Sauvignon. Another reliable wine!

Matt's review: "I give it 10 out of 10!" Perfectly tender and delicious!
Lauren's review: The recipe was easy and delicious. However it is definitely not very nutritious!
Final decision: Into the recipe box it goes!

The steak tips were perfect. Next time I'll probably try to tweak the recipe a little to make it a little bit more healthy friendly.

Sirloin Tips


1.5lbs sirloin tips
2 T oil
1 clove of garlic, minced*
3 T Worcestershire sauce
1/2 c. ketchup
1/2 c. melted butter
1/2 t salt
1/8 t pepper

Saute garlic in oil in a frying pan. Add meat and brown on all sides over medium heat.
Mix remaining ingredients and add to meat.
Cover and simmer over low heat on top of range for about 1 hour or until tender.

*I halved the recipe except for the garlic. I used two cloves instead of the recommended half. I like garlic and couldn't help myself!

Enjoy and goodnight!

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