Friday, May 14, 2010

Home Project Weekend

Last Saturday Matt and I had a lazy morning while we figured out our strategy for the bedroom project. After running a couple more errands to get some necessities for the painting we began our arduous task around 5PM. There was no time for dinner so we grabbed takeout from Zen. Matt got his usual, Chicken Katsu, and I decided to try Taki Soba with Chicken. Thank goodness we live in the city! Dinner is a breeze and always satisfying! After our quick little break we got right back to work and didn't stop until 5AM. Don't ask me what we were thinking because I have no idea?! Sunday morning we started right back into the project around 11AM. We did take another quick break for dinner which was Domino's pizza and beer. After dinner we got right back to work but around 1:30AM we realized that we weren't going to be able to finish our project before the end of the weekend so we decided to take a sick day from work to finish. After sending our colleagues and managers emails we went back to work and didn't stop until 3AM. Ugh. Monday was another full day of work which was at least met with a satisfying result at 1:30AM. So much earlier! Woohoo!

Have you seen the show Hoarders?! Well that's what I felt like all weekend. I don't know how I didn't have a panic attack. We had to move all of the bedroom furniture into the family room/kitchen. Please do not judge but this is what our little house looked like all weekend.

I had the tiniest counter space which allowed me to make some Barney Butter sandwiches. Speaking of Barney Butter, this was the first time I bought almond butter and I LOVED it! It was delicious!

I also had enough room to fit right in front of the sink to at least get a load of dishes done.

Poor Bailey. He was such a good boy all weekend. You can't see it but he could get to his bed which is where he spent almost the whole weekend.

Ahhh... I'm getting stressed just looking at these photos!!

Saturday night's dinner, Soba noodles

Sunday night's dinner was Domino's pizza and beer which is the perfect painting dinner.

Chicago beer, 312 Urban Wheat

Monday night dinner was Bolocco's Buffalo Chicken Burrito Bowl (sorry the photo is so blurry).

While we were out and about running errands throughout the weekend we saw our future home and I had to share. Isn't it beautiful?!

Back to reality... the bedroom before we painted walls, trim, furniture, or sanded furniture and the mirror, or brass cleaning the door knobs. Notice the dark wood, dark walls, and clutter above & under the bed.

Drum roll please...

Our room is almost 100% done. We still have to change the fan to this one that is on it's way to our home.

We are also waiting on this duvet cover

We will eventually be getting this bed skirt

Then we have to figure out what art to put on the walls. What do you think!? I hope you like it because there was a lot of blood, sweat, unhealthy eating, and tears that went into this little room!

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