Monday, May 3, 2010


Hello Faithful Readers!

I just wanted to let you all know that I will be back to writing either later tonight or tomorrow. I was away in Washington, DC for an intense course all last week. I spent the week leaving my hotel room at 7AM and not returning until 10:30PM which left me little time to do anything! Then when I got home on Saturday I found my home undergoing a ton of minor projects that my wonderful husband started. We spent the rest of the weekend finishing and starting additional projects... but the house looks great and we're almost done with our projects! On top of the projects we have been "camping out" in Boston the last couple of days. There was a big water main break which has left Boston and about 20 other towns (about 750,000 households) with a "boil water" order, causing a "state of emergency" in Massachusetts. We have to use bottled water or boiled water for everything. Time consuming! Last but not least my poor puppy has been sick. It's been a crazy week but I'll sum it all up within 24 hours. Tonight I'm back in the kitchen cooking. Now I just have to figure out the most sanitary way to clean my dishes!

Hope everyone is enjoying the lovely spring weather!

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