Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Weekend of Organization

I came home last Saturday to find my house clean and organized! Matt had spent the week building and organizing a surprise for me. He had gone to the Container Store and designed a shelf system to maximize the space in my closet. It's perfect! I was so happy with my new closet and clean home that I wanted to cry! I don't have a before picture but this is the after. What you can't see is hooks on the side of the closet, for my scarves & belts, and my boots neatly organized with boot shapers in them. Up along the top of the hanging rack is a shelf that has my purses on it. The top shelf under my hanging clothes is actually a HUGE jewelry holder. Perfect!

This closet project put the organizing bug into Matt and I. Our weekend was over before it even began. As soon as I got home Saturday we headed out to the Container Store, Home Depot, and Joanne Fabrics for some additional project tools.

First, my project, the kitchen cabinets. We got some shelving units from the Container Store for the kitchen island. Again, I don't have a before but this is the organized kitchen island after:

This project also helped me free up some additional space in the other cabinets. Hooray! When you live in a small space any additional space you get you happily take!! While I was working on reorganizing my kitchen Matt was busy in the bedroom. The plan was to build a headboard. What ended up happening was I got a newly patched and painted wall AND a new headboard. Here is the before and the after:

The weekend was a blur. I don't remember eating what, when or where between Saturday and Monday. I know that sometime during those three nights I used a Groupon that I got a month ago and got takeout from Tantric India Bistro. It was SO good! We had paneer pakoras, chicken tikka masala, garlic naan, and daal tarka with jasmine rice.

We had so much food that our neighbor, Tricia, came over for dinner and proceeded to help us redesign our bedroom. Tricia has been a designer on This Old House, has been photographed for multiple magazines & newspapers, and has had multiple design tip interviews for other design shows. Needless to say when she tells us what to do we do it. These are the new colors for our room that she picked.

What do you think!? Hope you like because we just spent at least 36 straight working hours changing our room. More to come in a future post...


  1. I love all of these home projects. well done!

  2. It was so much fun and just the beginning!