Monday, May 24, 2010


Wednesday and Thursday ended up being leftover nights. Wednesday night I used some leftover chicken kebabs from my mom's graduation party. I cooked up the chicken and added it to whole wheat pasta, marinara, zucchini, and pecorino cheese. Matt found the perfect words that described how we felt about this dinner. It was a pre-blog Lauren dinner. Good but nothing special. Sustenance.

Thursday was another pre-blog Lauren dinner. Leftover meatloaf sandwiches which are delicious and nutritious. I toasted deli flats, re-heated the meatloaf, placed the meatloaf on top of one side of the deli flat then topped it with marinara and mozzarella, finally I put it under the broiler until the cheese melted. It's a great way to use the leftovers from my meatloaf recipe and it's perfect for a busy night because it takes 5 minutes to assemble dinner.

Friday morning I brought in the basil plant that I was previously so excited about to give it to a friend. I thought maybe her place would get more sunlight than our condo. After showing my poor plant to my co-workers they informed me that my droopy looking basil plant was beyond repair. I killed it. It was a sad morning.

My morning was quickly improved when Matt decided we were going to Four Burgers for lunch! Lunch was just what I needed! I had a turkey burger with cranberry chutney and pepper jack cheese for lunch, shared a side of sweet potato fries with Matt and our friend, Sean. Then for dessert I shared a chocolate frappe with Matt. All better! My Friday was saved by a delicious lunch!

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