Tuesday, February 9, 2010

In addition to last week's recipes...

I wanted to go back and summarize last week. It was a crazy week both at work and at home! I couldn't believe that I didn't find the time to blog!

I wanted to share some of the food that was out of the norm for my weekly food journal aside from the recipes I mentioned yesterday.

As you probably know by now my food during the day is pretty boring. Oatmeal for breakfast, chicken sandwich for lunch, blah, blah, blah.

Last week was a little different.

Let's start with a drink.

Matt and I typically have red wine at night to accompany my dinners. Well, last week Matt decided to pick up some of his favorite beer. Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA. Matt loves these high alcohol content beers. I appreciate them but they are not my favorite. I don't like the bite that I get on my tongue from an IPA nor do I like the sweet, fruity flavor of the alcohol. Needless to say, we finished the four pack. Guess I like them enough!

Thursday my co-workers threw in an interesting twist to my typically boring lunch break. We all decided to have a wing party. Everyone ordered a variety of wings from Wing Works. I decided to order 14 wings with three different sauces; Rochester, Medium Buffalo, and Garlic and Parmesan. I ended up with 12 wings (14 was way too many!) and split them between Thursday and Friday. Thursday I had six wings and brought in a salad from home and then repeated on Friday. Cold wings are actually pretty good! The Rochester was almost a honey mustard buffalo flavor. The original buffalo was good and medium was the perfect amount of kick. The garlic and Parmesan were weird to me. I didn't like the creamy sauce that they were covered in because it ended up all over me!

In addition to my wings and salad on Friday I also had some delicious beer cheese with pretzels and ice cream! It was a horrible day for calorie counting. Oh well! You got to live every once in a while!

First the beer cheese. My colleague brought in beer cheese that she gets when she goes home to Kentucky. Apparently, a couple of our co-workers didn't know what beer cheese was! What?! She was kind enough to share the deliciousness! I of course had to read the ingredient and nutrition information. I was pleased to discover that it was all natural and not too bad for you! It was definitely an addicting snack!

Then Matt dropped off cake batter ice cream that he had picked up at Toscaninis on the way back from his department lunch. "Thanks hun. Just what I needed!" But I ate it all anyway! I can't say no to ice cream. Especially when it's this good and this expensive!

Last but not least was our Super Bowl Trifecta of snacks. You saw the recipes already but here is a picture of what was left of the nachos, the chili, and the salad. However, I think the homemade Mint Chocolate Pudding was the best!

So far this week has been just as busy as last. Last night we didn't even really have time to eat dinner, just late night snacks.

Matt and I decided to take some time for ourselves tonight. We both had a very successful day so we decided to celebrate which meant making time for the things we love. In my case it was food, the blog, wine and now I'm off to watch some TV with the man I love!

The recipe from tonight, Spice Basque-Style Chicken, will be posted soon... probably even sooner than normal with the impending snow storm! We're hoping for a snow day!!

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