Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Storm in Boston

Today New England experienced a "snow storm" which in reality was just flurries for us Bostonians! We all thought it was going to be crazy out. Half of my co-workers didn't even come into work because of the impending storm. It was funny. It didn't even start to flurry until I was leaving work at 5:00PM. However, I wish that I had worked from home!

After a long T ride home I quickly took Bailey out and then we left again. We were headed to Northeastern University. Well, really, I had a meeting with a NEU student at 8PM so I decided to drag Matt out there for dinner in the snow. We have some good friends that told us about one of their favorite restaurants, Moby Dicks, that I decided we had to try! Snow or no snow!

After a couple of last minute facebook messages we met up with our friends for dinner. Matt and I decided to try their favorite. Chicken curry served over rice with a side salad. Apparently, according to the owner the only way to eat the curry is to mix in the salad and top it with a little more of the salad dressing. Copying our friend's motions we ended up with a delicious bowl of food! YUM! In addition to the fantastic dinner we had Rosewater Lemonade that was heavenly!

After an amazing dinner with friends I was off to Espresso Royale Caffe for my meeting. I had a warming cup of Jasmine Green Tea at the cafe which I hope helped my metabolism after that dinner.

I had one last errand to run after my meeting. Barnes and Nobles to pick up a gift for my friend's new baby boy! My new favorite gift to give is my favorite childhood book(s). I kind of got carried away tonight and ended up bringing home four books. My two favorites were Corduroy and Goodnight Moon. Matt's picks were Make Way for Ducklings and The Boxcar Children. It's so hard to pick your favorite book once you get back into the children's section. So many happy memories!!

The city is the greatest place to live when it snows! It's so beautiful, you don't have to shovel, and there is so much to do! I think I had a very productive snow storm evening! I'm going to go to bed very happy!

What was your favorite book when you were a kid?

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