Friday, March 12, 2010

Good Food with a Side of Skiing

Hooray for free WiFi at Salt Lake City International Airport! I didn't know what to do with myself in this empty airport until I get to board my 12:50AM flight but now I get to blog!

The rest of my trip in Salt Lake City continued to be full of great food and was finished with a great ski trip!

Wednesday morning I had breakfast in my room. I got the "Healthy Breakfast" which was wheat toast, fruit, non-fat yogurt, homemade granola and coffee. I don't know if I was even finished half of the tray. There was so much food!

After catching up on some work in my room I met up with my co-workers for lunch at Caffe Molise again. This time our table started with all of the appetizers (which I didn't photograph) so I ordered a salad to try to save room for dessert. My salad on Wednesday was just as good as Tuesday's! This time my salad had shrimp, fruit salsa and feta cheese.

Of course I saved room for dessert. I ordered the homemade pistachio gelato and had a bite of a friend's pineapple gelato. After eating three of the homemade gelatos in two days I can say that the pistachio was my favorite!

After lunch I went back to my hotel and did some more work. Then decided I needed to go for one last swim. My pictures don't really do the pool justice but enjoy.

Gym entrance

The pool area had Murano glass chandeliers

The view from the pool

After my swim I got ready for dinner. Wednesday night we ate at Cucina Toscana which was the top rated Italian restaurants in Salt Lake City.

Here is a photo of the owner, Valter, from one of Salt Lake City's magazines.

The owner, Valter, gives every table complimentary bruschetta. Delicious!

We all decided to order a couple of their handmade pasta samplers as our appetizer. It was a great decision! We each had a scoop of homemade gnocci in a light tomato sauce and ricotta & spinach stuffed raviolis. Probably some of the best pasta I have ever had!

For dinner we all decided to share entrees. My partner in crime and I decided on ordering the calamari steak which came with shrimp and soft shell crab. I'm not a fan of soft shell crab but I had never had calamari steak before and needed to try it. Our server described it perfectly, soft like butter with a little snap. If you've ever had it I think you'll know what I mean. If not, order it when you can and you will understand.

Everyone else was kind enough to take a photo of their entrees for my blog. A fried gave me a bite of the short rib which was heavenly comfort food.

Short rib

Salmon and shrimp in mustard cream sauce

Pork in a fig and cherry glaze

Angel hair pasta with seafood

I was glad that I had shared an entree because, of course, it left the smallest amount of room for dessert. I got the chocolate souffle that was served with homemade chocolate chip gelato and whip cream then covered in dark chocolate sauce. My friend got the tiramisu. Our plan was to share the desserts but I ended up only eating a bite of the tiramisu and finishing my half of the chocolate souffle. It was so good!

After dinner Valter came over to see how everything was. After we praised all of the food he ordered us all a complimentary round of European hot chocolate with homemade biscotti. So good! I didn't have another inch of room in my belly to finish it!

After dinner we went out to a bar called Beerhive for one last drink. I ended up ordering an oatmeal stout which was too heavy for my belly but it was very tasty!

Then it was off to bed because I had an early morning hitting the slopes!

First thing this morning I got up to meet my colleague at 7AM for breakfast. We both ended up getting two eggs, bacon, wheat toast and hash browns. I barely had room to finish half of my breakfast. I guess I ate too much last night?! After breakfast we headed up to Alta Ski Resort. We had rented equipment, got our lift tickets and were on the chairlift by 10AM. We also met up with my friend, and our colleague, up at Alta. She had left to go up to Alta the day before to visit her family who were staying on the mountain. They were kind enough to have us in to their home later that day for lunch. We had peanut butter & jelly, green tea, and an oatmeal butterscotch cookie. It was definitely enough fuel to get me through the second half of the day. The mountain was beautiful! The skiing was incredible! It was a great way to spend my last day in Utah.

Drive through the mountains

Photos at the base of Alta

*I had to shut down my computer to board my plane at 12:30AM on Friday. I am currently in Chicago and decided I should post this now and finish the post when I get home. More about skiing at Alta to follow on Monday. Happy Saint Patrick's Day!*

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