Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sushi Tips

My colleague just sent me some notes that he took from our sushi experience in Salt Lake City. The owner shared a couple of interesting facts about sushi restaurants that I thought you all might enjoy:

Ikejima (ee-kay-jee-may) is a style of killing the fish. Quick pith of fish brain, followed by hanging upside down to drain the blood. No rigor-mortis alteration of muscle taste and not fishy-tasting. Not possible to do with all types of fish used in sushi. The owner recommended asking your sushi restaurant if any of their fish are ikejima fish. It provides the best quality of sushi. If they have any fish that are killed this way it's a good, authentic restaurant.

Dashi (dah-shee): Basis of all Japanese cooking - Miso soup broth, for example. It's almost like a broth that goes into everything, soup, sauces, noodles, etc. Ask if your sushi restaurant if they make their own dashi in-house.

Wasabi (wuh-sah-bee): Authentic is grayish green and has a granular like texture. "Real" wasabi should be spread directly on the fish, not mixed into the soy sauce, like the stuff we usually get which is bright green, made from paste and water.

Temari (teh-mah-ree): Sushi "balls" that are tighter and smaller. Created so Geishas could eat without opening their mouths too wide, which sometimes cracks their facial make-up.
The owner at Naked Fish gave us golden snapper temari to try on the house.

Hope you enjoyed the shared sushi knowledge.

"The more you know..."

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