Sunday, March 28, 2010

Stuck in a Jail with My Family

Last Sunday my sister, Matt & I walked down to the Liberty Hotel to meet my parents for brunch at Clink. If you are ever in Boston near Massachusetts General Hospital make a little detour trip to the Liberty Hotel. Just walk into the lobby for a look. They recently renovated this 1850 jailhouse into a spectacular hotel. It's beautiful!

Brunch started with coffee, fresh squeezed orange juice and homemade donut holes. The donut holes were the heaven, light and fluffy with the perfect cinnamon, sugar coating!

For breakfast Matt and I split our meals. We tend to split breakfast a lot because I like both sweet and savory breakfast foods. When we split I get to taste the best of both!

Matt got the Western omelet.

I got the greek yogurt parfait with homemade granola and fruit.

Both of our breakfasts were good but not really memorable.

After breakfast we took a little stroll along the Charles River with my family. Then we said our good byes so they could head back home to New Hampshire. After they left Matt and I did a quick clean of the condo before we started working for the rest of the night. Both of us have been really busy at work so we've been trying to get ahead while at home. Before we knew it, it was 7:30PM and I hadn't started dinner yet. Matt saved the day by proposing he take care of dinner so that I could keep working. My savior ordered Dominos! We never order pizza but if there was any a night that called for delivery last Sunday was it. Apparently, Dominos recently revamped all of their recipes. We ordered the Brooklyn style pizza with light toppings of pepperoni, pepperoncini and roasted red peppers. It was very good. I'm actually looking forward to trying their hand tossed pizza which, from what I've heard, has been the best improvement on their menu.

After pizza we both starting working again. Only to start the week all over again on Monday...

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