Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Weekend in New Hampshire

Friday was a whirlwind day. It was a busy morning followed by a quick lunch and then shortly after lunch we went to go pick up our new car. It was a bittersweet afternoon. Call me sappy but I was so sad to see our Fusion go. In the ten years that I have been driving and out of the 8 cars that I have driven over those ten years, including a new Thunderbird and a new Mustang GT, this car had been my favorite! Poor Matt was so confused as to why I was crying over a car when we had just gotten a newer and better vehicle.

Me and my Fusion:

New car:

After a weekend with our new car I'm starting to move on.... anyway, after picking up the car Matt and I made a trip up to New Hampshire to visit my family for the weekend. We didn't get up to my parent's house until 9:00PM but they had dinner waiting for us. Hooray for crummy NH pizza and greek salad! I was so hungry that I shoved two slices down my throat and didn't even care that it didn't taste very good.

The next morning I woke up to one of my dad's famous breakfasts. Sausage, omelet and hash browns with half of a poppy seed bagel and a glass of cranberry juice! YUM! It was just what I needed before my sister and I headed out to go skiing.

After an afternoon of skiing I came home and helped myself to a hard roll turkey and salami sandwich. My parent's have the best tasting, worst for you food in their house. I'm glad I only go visit about once a month because otherwise I'd be HUGE!

Later that night my little sister went to a Big Air competition at the local hill and came in second place for her snowboard "air". I'm so proud of her!!

We celebrated her athleticism with a delicious dinner that my dad made. He spent the entire afternoon smoking a pork shoulder. The delicious meat was accompanied by asparagus and his delicious creamy mashed potatoes. Again... YUM!

Sunday morning my dad made us eggs and bacon. I had one sunny-side up egg and two pieces of bacon. I was too stuffed from the rest of the weekend to eat anything more than that! After breakfast Matt and I headed back to Boston.

It was a great weekend! We ate amazing food and I got prepared for my trip to Salt Lake City with a little ski/snowboarding trip with my sister!

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  1. I recognize all of the food! I look one second your taking a picture next second its all friggen gone!