Sunday, November 15, 2009

I need quick and easy recipes!

This week flew by! I've been so busy with the end of the year push at work that I haven't had time to update my blog! Finally at almost midnight on Sunday, after watching the Patriots make one stupid decision that lost them the game, I am finding a moment to update!

Let's go back to the beginning... Monday!

Monday started at 16 Beach Street B&B. My mother-in-law was generous enough to make extra breakfast for Matt and me. Pumpkin pancakes with crispy bacon. My favorite fall breakfast!

After breakfast I started working only remembering to take a break for lunch around 1:00. I made a half of a tuna sandwich and a bowl of crab chowder. I felt it was a delicious appropriate lunch for being so close to the ocean.

I had more work to do when we got home from Maine so we picked up dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant on the way home. I personally think that King and I has the best pad thai in Boston. The perfect combination of spicy, savory and sweet. The picture doesn't do my dinner justice. It tasted so much better than it looks!

When I got into the office on Tuesday I made myself a bowl of banana oats. I love eating oatmeal in the morning! It manages to keep me full until lunch time!

My lunch was my leftover dinner, pad thai, and a salad. I love pad thai!

Before going to the gym on Tuesday I had a quick snack. My pears this week were perfectly ripe and delicious!

On the way home from work we stopped at the Star Market grocery store. I was so hungry from the gym that I decided that I couldn't wait to make dinner so we picked up a rotisserie chicken. It was surprisingly good and not very expensive. The whole chicken was about $7. I've paid close to $14 (if I remember correctly) at Whole Foods for the same size chicken before. I was presently surprised with the Star's chicken! Once we got home I made a quick side of whole wheat pasta with a little mozzarella cheese on top.

Later that night Matt and I had the last of our pumpkin ice cream. I already miss it!

Before heading into work on Wednesday I made a bowl of banana oats for Matt and myself. Matt ended up not being a fan of the oats. To be honest, he was never really a fan of oatmeal but I kept saying how good my oatmeal was, it smells like warm banana nut bread, that he thought he would try some. Oh well, less for him and more for me! =o)

Lunch was a salad and leftover chicken in one of my whole wheat tortilla wraps. I forgot to take a picture but it looked just like all of my other lunch wraps.

For dinner I took the rest of the leftover chicken and made a "BBQ pulled chicken" sandwich. I just cut the remaining chicken into little pieces and simmered it in a little Kraft BBQ sauce, toasted an Arnold deli flat, and then broiled the sandwich to melt the cheese. I served it with some steamed organic broccoli. I was very pleased with my last minute creation however it was the messiest sandwich I have ever made!

I didn't have much time to make breakfast Thursday morning. I decided on having a bowl of Kashi Cinnamon Harvest and an apple.

Cereal never keeps me full for very long so I ended up having a mid-morning snack, Yoplait light yogurt. I haven't had Yoplait in such a long time. It was so sweet and tasted very fake. I now remember why I don't buy these yogurts anymore. I know they're only 100 calories but I would much rather have my brown cow greek yogurt for a couple more calories and far less ingredients that I can't pronounce.

The stop at Star Market didn't last us long at home. For lunch I had to run to the cafeteria. I ended up getting a chicken dijon curry salad in a whole wheat wrap. It was actually very good!

For some reason I was starving all day on Thursday. Nothing seemed to fill me up! I didn't have anymore food in my office but my co-worker was nice enough to share a miso soup packet with me!

After the gym and work we went home for a Project Runway event with our friend. I shouldn't say we, Matt ate dinner with us but then disappeared for the rest of the night. Anyway, for diner I made the Southwestern Stuffed squash again but this time I stuffed delicata squash instead of acorn. It was just as good but delicata squash is smaller than acorn so we ended up with a side of the filling. The salad that I made was a great everything in the fridge combination with lettuce, apples, feta, and onions.

Friday started as a repeat of Thursday, Cinnamon Harvest!

Again, it didn't last me long. I decided that I was going to have my "splurge meal of the week" for lunch. My group went to Dimitrios. I ended up getting a chicken cutlet sub with all the veggies. I can't remember the last time I had a sub like this and I quickly remembered why. I did not feel good for awhile after lunch, my belly hurt and I was sleepy from the spike in sugar. I won't be having that again anytime soon!

My pre-workout snack was a strawberry greek yogurt. It was so much better than the Yoplait.

My post-workout snack was a beer at our company's beer hour. Men's Health actually says that a beer is the perfect post-workout snack based on it's carb to protein ratio. I like that!

For dinner we met up with friends at one of my favorite pizza places in Boston, Joe V's. All of their pizza is on a thin wheat crust. Yum! We started with a mixed greens salad then split a lobster, hearts of palm and parmesan cheese pizza and a sausage, red pepper and carmelized onion pizza between four of us.

Saturday morning we met up with a friend for brunch at Bouchee. We know one of the coolest bartenders there and we wanted to pay him a visit! The three of us split the berry french toast, the egg flatbread and the eggs benedict. Everything was delicious! They freshly squeeze the oranges per mimosa order and my bloody mary was perfect!

After breakfast we went to the gym to burn off our breakfast. After the gym we had a quick smoothie then ran a bunch of errands and cleaned the house. We managed to finish all of our chores just in time to go to Bukowski's to celebrate our friend's birthday. Matt and I split a turkey burger for dinner and a couple bites of the white trash cheese dip. I also had two beers a brown ale and then a Murphy's. Our friend, Matt and I had been in Ireland together drinking lots of Murphy's a couple of months ago so it was a very fitting birthday celebration drink.

This morning I made french toast with some fantastic bread that I got from Whole Foods. It was whole wheat muesli bread. It had nuts, seeds, dried fruit and whole wheat! It made delicious french toast that didn't need a lot of maple syrup.

After breakfast I had to run to Manchester, NH for a baby shower. I wasn't very hungry at lunch but I picked at the food that was at the shower and had a little of the almond raspberry cake. I definitely was not a member of the "Clean Plate Club" this afternoon.

I had to rush home to a bunch of work tonight so I picked up dinner AGAIN! Ugh! I say ugh because I prefer making my own dinners not because it wasn't good. Dinner was tasty. Alaskan maki, chicken katsu and edamame from Zen.

The rest of the night was filled with work while the Patriots game was on mute. Where did the weekend go? Time flies by!

I need some more quick and easy meals for these nights when I have to bring home work! What are your favorite go-to quick recipes?

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