Sunday, November 22, 2009

It's Sunday Already?!

This week has flown by like most weeks have been! Before I know it we'll be in 2010!

Going back to Wednesday:

Wednesday started out back at my software training. Running late (again!) I only had time to grab a Blueberry bliss Luna bar and my coffee before leaving the house. The bar was good but I was starving by the time we finished our morning training session.
I loved the quote on the back of wrapper " What we put in our bodies matter; food feeds our souls, lifts our spirits, nourishes and sustains us..." The quote is how I feel about food so I had to share!

Once the training was over we ran over to Cosi and grabbed lunch to bring back to the office. I had a small three bean chili, half of a buffalo chicken sandwich on a whole wheat flatbread and a bag of baby carrots. It was nutritious, had a great calorie count for a lot of food and it tasted delicious! Very filling and rewarding!

We were having company Wednesday night so I started dinner Wednesday morning. I got the beef stew started in the crock-pot and set up the bread maker timer so that we would have fresh baked bread when we got home. When I got home the house smelled amazing and delicious!! I quickly put away all of our colorful produce from Boston Organics.

Then quickly made the dessert and put it in the oven. When I went to serve dinner I pulled the bread out of the bread machine and this is what I saw:

It had smelled so good but apparently I didn't put assemble the machine correctly and the bread never mixed. That was a sad moment! I decided to toast up some whole wheat bread to go with the stew to replace the delicious smelling bread. Dinner was still delicious even without the bread. I'll post the recipe for the stew in my next post.

For dessert I took the recipe from Betsy's post for pumpkin cupcakes and made a cake using the same concept. I took a box of Stonewall Kitchen Vanilla Cake mix and followed the directions for the cake replacing the milk with the can of pumpkin. I also added some pumpkin pie spices, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon, 1/2 teaspoon of ginger, 1/4 teaspoon allspice and 1/4 teaspoon cloves. For the icing I just picked up a container of Pillsbury's sour cream frosting. The cake was actually great without the icing so I only put a tiny amount of the icing on the cake.

Dinner was a success and I got to feed so many people! We had one friend come over for dinner and he brought some home for his wife who couldn't come over, two neighbors stopped by and hadn't eaten yet and then I was able to bring the rest of the cake into work on Thursday for my co-workers. I love sharing!!

I knew we had a big department lunch planned for Thursday so my breakfast was just a small bowl of Kashi Cinnamon Harvest (no picture). For lunch my department went to Koreana. I was excited because I have been trying to get to this restaurant for three years. We had a great spread for lunch.
A co-worker and I split a sushi plate to start. I had one piece of each of the sushi tuna, salmon and whatever the white fish was. I also had two of the tuna maki rolls.

I tried a slice of the kimchee pancake. It was good but a little greasy.

For my lunch entree I had the chicken dolsot bimimbop. It was so colorful with all of the veggies, the egg and the seaweed! It tasted even better than it looked! This was my first time eating bimimbop but it won't be my last. I just wish I could get it with brown rice instead of white. I'll have to see if that's an option next time!

All of the meals came with an array of sides which included kimchee, bean sprouts, fish cakes, seaweed, zucchini and cucumber salads. I had the smallest bite of each to try. It was all good but I realized that I'm not a big fan of fish cake.

I estimated that lunch was probably 1000 calories. Ugh! Thank goodness that my gym routine for the day was upper body strength training AND a HIIT session. Lunch kept me full until dinner time. Due to my daily goals I decided that I would just have a small, low calorie, dinner. I made myself some banana oats with flax seed, coconut and a teaspoon of peanut butter. It was the perfect size dinner after the day of eating that I had.

Later on in the night I got a little hungry again so I had one packet of SunBest Raisin & Currant biscuits which is only 56 calories. These biscuits go perfectly with a cup of tea so I decided to make myself a cup of mint tea.

Even with estimating 1000 calories for lunch I am pretty sure that I made my goal of 1550 calories for the day! Yippee!

Friday was a crazy day! Matt and I were supposed to take the day off to go to New Hampshire to celebrate my dad and my sister's birthday. Poor Matt got stuck at work all day so we had to change our plans as the day went on. Before driving up to NH I had a big bowl of my Thursday night dinner, banana oats, and coffee.

Unsure of how the day was going to proceed I packed a bag of goodies for myself to snack on through out the day. I went up to Portsmouth to meet up with my sister and run a couple of errands. After the errand running Matt had informed me that he was going to take the train to NH, arriving at 7:00pm. Now I had a couple of hours to kill with Bailey in the backseat of the car. I decided to stop by my in-laws house for a visit so Bailey could get out and stretch and get some grandparent love! On the way to Ogunquit I ate my first snack, berry SoyJoy bar. It was better than the mango one that I had earlier in the week but still not very delicious.

When I got to Ogunquit I had a Honeycrisp apple and a couple of crackers with some hummus that my father-in-law was nice enough to put together for me. After snacking and visiting Bailey and I went to pick up Matt. When we finally got to my parent's house dinner was waiting for us! My dad had made a pork tenderloin in the smoker. My mom had made pierogies, green beans and homemade applesauce to go with my dad's dinner.

After dinner we all sang Happy Birthday to my dad. Poor dad! With the exception of Matt we are all very tone deaf! Then we shared some of dad's favorite cake, carrot cake!

My dad made us all one of his famous breakfasts Saturday morning. Eggs, bacon and toast! No one can make breakfast like my dad!

My sister is turning 14 next Friday. To celebrate her birthday I took her to see New Moon. It has become a birthday tradition for us starting with last year's release of Twilight!! For lunch we shared a small bag of popcorn, a bag of swedish fish and a bottle water for each of us. Let me clarify that we didn't finish either of the bags of treats but we snacked. I couldn't say no to my sister! After the movie we got home to a little birthday celebration with my dad with my parent's friends. There was a spread of appetizers (no pictures):
shrimp cocktail
chips with salsa and southwestern dip
crackers with port wine cheese spread and cranberry, walnut, orange zest spread
mini-dogs in BBQ sauce

For dinner my dad made a roast, popovers, glazed carrots, roasted potatoes and a "german" salad.

For dessert I had the smallest scoop of apple crisp.

After dinner Matt, Bailey and I drove home. We had a very busy, early day planned for Sunday.

Sunday started with half of a Dunkin' Donuts pumpkin muffin. I ate the top and then put the bottom into my bowl of oats. Yum!

For an afternoon snack I had the other half of my pumpkin muffin. A couple of hours later I had a Chobani vanilla greek yogurt.

We're having friends over for dinner and to watch the Patriots game. Dinner is currently cooking in the crockpot. We're going to have simplified Coq au Vin, brown rice and broccoli. I'll post the recipe along with a review of the dinner later. Now I'm off to watch the beginning of the Patriots game! Happy Sunday!

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