Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Day of Disappearing Photos

Hey All! I'm sorry. I really pushed myself today with my HIIT and I'm now exhausted! So this will be brief. Also, today was the day of disappearing photos. There are a lot of meals missing.

The rest of Wednesday:

I had a salad that I made half of into a wrap again and a handful of potato chips. In the tupperware full of salad:
leftover roasted veggies (cauliflower, potatoes and beets)
banana peppers
blue cheese
balsamic vinegar (on the salad)
blue cheese herb mustard (on the wrap)

This was the ridiculously large and heavy grocery bag that carried my lunch in! I apparently need a lot of food!

Prior to going to the gym I had a plain greek yogurt mixed with kiwi and honey.

At the gym I performed the rest of my strength training routine:
squats with 15lb dumbbells 4 sets of 8
walking lunges with 10lb dumbbells 3 sets of 8
standing shoulder press with 20lb dumbbells 3 sets of 8
front arm raises with 8lb dumbbells 3 sets of 8
tricep dips with 52lbs of assistance 3 sets of 8
tricep rope pull downs with 20lbs 3 sets of 8
captains chair crunches 3 sets of 20
plank 3 sets at 30 seconds

After the gym I was starving! I quickly gulped down my chocolate milk and decided I also needed a pear in my belly!

After the gym Matt and I went to the Natick Collection (a fancy term for "mall"). We did a little shopping and then went to Sel de la Terre for dinner. This is when some of my pictures disappeared. I started with a "Long day in the Gaarden", Hoegaarden with a splash of Framboise Lambic. It was refreshing! Matt took a better picture of my drink but he had issues with his phone today and lost the pictures.

For dinner we shared an order of their roasted garlic and shallot confit with bread, an Apple Street Farm salad and then we both had an order of the buttermilk 5-spice chicken wings. Everything was delicious but I think the wings were my favorite! They came with hot peppers and blue cheese crumbles! Unfortunately we lost all of those photos.


Breakfast this morning was a bowl of oatmeal that was mixed with ground flax seed, half of a banana and half of a container of vanilla greek yogurt. I also finished the remaining yogurt and the banana separately. It was the best breakfast of the week! And yes, that's Bailey on my coffee mug!

For lunch today I had the same salad as yesterday, except that I didn't make a wrap. I, of course, also had a handful of potato chips. Photo missing.

My afternoon snack was an organic tangerine that was part of this week's BO box!

I went to the gym at the end of the day and really pushed myself with the HIIT. I completed my normal routine of 5 minute jogging and 9 minute sprinting but I made myself sprint for a longer duration all six times that I ran. It was a good session! I was exhausted but I felt good! I've perfected the art of long strides at fast paces!

After the gym I sucked down a chocolate milk before heading home.

When I got home I made the southwestern stuffed acorn squashes that we had at my friend's house a couple weeks ago. You might remember the post. Again, no picture. It came out really good. The squash was cooked perfectly! I'll add the recipe next week when I make the leftovers into something delicious!

Now that I'm caught up I'm going to go crash in my bed! Matt and I are heading down to New York City to spend the weekend with some great friends! I'll catch up when I get back. Have a great weekend!

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