Monday, October 12, 2009

Trying to catch up... Thursday

Matt and I woke up late Thursday morning so we had a quick breakfast smoothie. Our smoothies almost always contain:

Frozen strawberries

Frozen blueberries

2 scoops of vanilla whey protein

2 cups of skim milk

A scoop of fat-free plain Chobani yogurt

A scoop of natural peanut butter

My mid-morning (10:15) snack I had a small apple with about 1.5 tablespoons of peanut butter. I actually measured out my portion of peanut butter today after having a conversation about how many calories are in one serving. One serving of my peanut butter is 2 tablespoons and is 190 calories. I was planning on going out for pumpkin ice cream as an afternoon snack so I measured out a little less than a serving to try to save calories for my treat.

We ran out to Newtowne Deli for our lunch sandwiches. My whole-wheat wrap contained:

Sliced chicken breast

American cheese





Hot peppers


It was a lot of food but it was so good!

I didn’t find the time to run out for my pumpkin ice cream so while we were at Whole Foods I grabbed a vanilla gelato to share with Matt. Sharing ice cream with me means that Matt got 1/3 and I got the rest.

We went to our friend’s house for dinner last night. She made a delicious stuffed acorn squash. She baked the acorn squash and then filled it with basically a turkey chili. Then topped it with a little cheese and put the stuffed squash back into the oven. It was delicious and contained at least three of my power foods: turkey, black beans and vegetables! The best part was that each squash was just 250 calories and it was so filling! Once I get the recipe I will share it with everyone! We also had a leviathan beer and two glasses of red wine with dinner. It was a great night!

After dinner Matt and I drove up to Matt’s parent’s house in Maine. On the way we stopped at a gas station and got a Reese’s peanut butter cup to share for dessert.

I don’t think I did so well with my calorie count Thursday and I was unable to go to the gym because of my flu shot. It was a great day even though I didn’t meet my goals.

Matt and I have a couple of vacation days that we have to take before the end of the year so we took Friday off to spend in Maine. I managed to have breakfast and lunch before leaving Ogunquit for Girl's Weekend!

I started my morning with my favorite healthy start breakfast from Dunkin' Donuts: a spinach, turkey sausage egg white flat bread.

Then just before I left the family got to sit down to take-out from Frills. I had the most flavorful, delicious chicken bruschetta panini with a handful of the homemade potato chips that came with the sandwich!

More on the adventures of my northern Maine girl's weekend to come in the next post!

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