Sunday, October 18, 2009


Thursday morning was a repeat of Wednesday. Not feeling well, going into work late meant giving the steel cut oats another try. I think I lost more oatmeal this time than I did Wednesday! I added a scoop of peanut butter, strawberry spread, Chobani yogurt and ground flax seed to what was left of the oatmeal.

There was a work "lunch and learn" that I attended so I had a slice of pepperoni pizza from our cafeteria for lunch. Pizza is one of those things that I just can't say no to, even when it's not that good!

After lunch one of the departments invited us to a Sweet Day event. All of the employees brought in home baked goodies to share with us. It was so nice and made my day! I had an orange zest cookie and a mini apple bar. Nothing can top homemade treats during the work day!

After work Matt and I met up with friends of ours at Post 390 for dinner. We had been there when they first opened for drinks and were so excited to go back for dinner! The food was amazing! We started with a couple of appetizers for the table: crab and spinach dip with pita chips and baguette, peking duck potstickers with blackberry hoisin sauce and deviled eggs. Who would have thought deviled eggs would be served in a restaurant?! But everything was amazing!! Especially the deviled eggs, they had a nice spicy kick to them! The appetizer's picture is really what was left after the first round of consumption! I was so excited to try everything that I forgot to take a picture of them all initially! It actually happens to me a lot! I remember to take pictures after I have started eating. That's what happens when I get excited! My brain shuts off and I go into "must eat" mode! Sorry!

For dinner I had a small house salad with goat cheese and citrus poppyseed dressing with some of Matt's roasted lemon garlic chicken on top. To compliment my meal I had a glass of Charles Krug Cabernet Sauvignon. Everything was perfect!
After dinner we finished our night at Brandeis watching our friend in an Edward Albee play, Everything in the Garden. It was such a great night!

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