Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Girl's Weekend

After lunch on Friday I drove 2 hours north further into Maine. When I arrived girl's weekend was already in full swing. The minute I arrived I was greeted with a homemade mojito with homegrown mint. Then the girls made tacos for dinner:
- The taco filling was a combination of vegetarian refried beans, lean ground meat and taco seasoning
- Homemade guacamole with homegrown jalapenos
- Lettuce
- Salsa
- Cheese
- More vegetarian refried beans
- Sour cream
- Tomatoes
- Soft and hard taco shells
I had one delicious soft taco with a little bit of Mexican rice!

The next day we woke up and had a delicious breakfast! Scrambled eggs, bacon and waffles with raspberries and blueberries. I love breakfast!

After breakfast we went on a hike up a mountain. At the top of the mountain we had a snack
- Mixed nuts
- Honey wheat pretzel rods
- A piece of chocolate
- A shot of Peppermint schnapps (a tradition)
When we got back to the house after the hike we had lunch. I had a delicious sandwich on a whole wheat bulky roll with turkey, guacamole, tomatoes and a slice of cheese. It was the perfect way to fill me up after a tough hike!

We proceeded to try to start a campfire to make s'mores. Unfortunately the wood was too wet to get our fire to maintain itself but we all managed to roast one marshmallow before we gave up.

The traditions continued with a dinner of dips. We had two homemade dips, beer cheese fondue and bacon ranch. The accouterments for the dip were:
- Broccoli
- Cauliflower
- Cheese tortellinis
- Homemade whole wheat pita chips (my favorite)
Along with dinner I had a couple of pumpkin ales, Dogfish and Weyerbacher (my favorite) followed by a couple glasses of red wine.

After a night of having a lot of fun and too many drinks I wasn't feeling very hydrated the next morning. I had to leave early in the morning so I stopped at the first Dunkin' Donuts for my "cure" a egg and cheese sandwich on an everything bagel with a big unsweetened iced tea.

When I got back to Boston Matt and I went out to lunch with friends of ours to celebrate their first apartment in Boston. We went to The Hill Tavern for lunch and to watch the Red Sox end their postseason against the Angels. In attempt to continue my healing process I shared a meatball sub with Matt and washed it all down with a Guinness.

After lunch we went to our friend's house in the South End to watch the end of the disappointing Patriots game and have dinner. They made delicious turkey burgers, sweet potato fries and a salad. Of course I forgot to take a picture!

I had such a great weekend!

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