Monday, October 26, 2009

Oktoberfest Saturday

Saturday was a crazy day! Going to the gym, visiting with our friends from NYC and getting ready for our Oktoberfest! To start the day off Matt and I had our standard protein shake before going to the gym. I decided that Saturday was going to be a crazy calorie intake day and completed a whole body strength training and HIIT session. If it hadn't been for Matt I wouldn't have been able to complete the HIIT. I was exhausted!

We met up with our friends from Manhattan for lunch and a mini walking tour of Boston. We started walking from our house to Park Plaza Hotel to the Gaslight for lunch over to the North End then back home. Gaslight was phenomenal as always! Matt and I shared a Pain au Chocolate to start. Heaven! Then I had a Croque-Monsieur which is pretty much a fancy French name for an open faced grilled ham and cheese sandwich. To quote my mother "It was to die for"! Thank goodness for the morning gym session and our 4.5 mile walk!

Our Oktoberfest menu was my dinner complimented by far too many beers!!! The menu consisted of:
Homemade soft pretzels (courtesy of my awesome husband!)
Homemade butternut squash soup with smoked cheddar and sauteed apples (courtesy of my chef friend and savior)
Homemade sweet and sour turkey meatballs (a family secret recipe but similar to the attached hyperlink) - I used ground turkey and whole wheat bread crumbs to try to make the recipe a little healthy
Cheese, hummus, crackers, carrots and "beer mix"
Homemade apple cake with bourbon glaze (courtesy of our awesome friend)
Everything was a success and it was such a fun night. After far too many samplings of beer we crashed in bed sometime around 3AM. Way too late for this old gal!

Next year everyone is invited! Who wants to come?! I promise we won't dress up again! ;o)


  1. haha nice picture for your party! you look soo cutee! hahaha i am proud to call you my sister!

  2. I'm proud of you little sister!