Monday, October 26, 2009

Fun Day Sunday

Sunday was a day of recovery! After sleeping in a little we met up with our NYC friends for brunch at Scollay Square. The food hit the spot! I of course forgot to take a picture of my delicious breakfast:
Filet Mignon Eggs Benedict
WATER (re-hydrate please!)

For lunch we had dessert at Stephanie's On Newbury. The four of shared a pumpkin cheesecake and an apple bread pudding. I think the de-hyrdation got to my head because I didn't remember to take pictures AGAIN! Everything was delicious even sans pictures!

*As a side note: All of the restaurants that I mention are hyperlinked to their respective yelp reviews. This way you can read all of the reviews for each restaurant including my own.*

After our friends left I started to prepare for my business trip to Michigan. Matt and I decided to take a quick little break for dinner at Ma Soba. I had heard about their baked spicy lobster roll through Yelp and had been dying to try it! I decided to start with the lobster roll for my appetizer. It was just as good as the reviews I read and I can't wait to have it again!!!

For my entree I was craving noodles so I decided to try their Pad Thai. Ma Soba's Pad Thai had a lot of vegetables and had a great kick of spice to it but I still like the Pad Thai from the King & I better.

I sure got my fill of food this weekend! I'm leaving for Michigan with my belly very full and happy!
Does anyone else wish that they could get a small portion of all their favorite (bad) food? I could have had a quarter of the Pad Thai and had been content!


  1. Looks like a fun day full of great food. I am very jealous. Our nearest town with good restaurants is a 30 min drive away from where I live.

  2. Randi! Come visit us in Boston!! Or just move up here!