Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Busy Tuesday

My day started out with my husband, Matt, making me breakfast! I had one egg with one egg white on a whole grain english muffin, a full glass of cold water and a small glass of apple cider from the orchard we recently visited in NH. It was such a delicious way to start a busy day!
Fun Fact:
Did you know that drinking 16 ounces of cold water in the morning could jump start your metabolism? Add a healthy breakfast to your morning routine and your metabolism is ready for the day!

For a mid-morning snack today I had my vitamins (multi-vitamin, calcium and iron), a cup of cantaloupe and the end of my Fiber One Honey Clusters cereal, which was about a quarter of a cup. It wasn't a lot but I knew my lunch was going to be pretty large so I was saving room! I also finished my morning coffee, I was so busy I forgot to drink it before my snack.
Today I was invited to attend a work lunch at Legal Seafood's. I don't get to eat seafood all too often so I made sure to take advantage of our lunch. We got an assortment of oysters for the table. I tried one oyster from Cape Cod, one from Prince Edward Island and one from the Pacific Northwest. I like to eat my oysters with mignonette (a sauce primarily made with shallots and vinegar), a squeeze of lemon juice and a dash of hot sauce. YUM! I'm not sure which oyster was my favorite, they were all delicious!!
For my main lunch entree I had the Mediterranean salmon. It was about a 4 ounce serving of grilled salmon on top of orzo served with tzatziki, hummus and pita chips. It was great! I made sure not to eat everything on my plate even though it was hard to resist. Luckily, because it was a beautiful fall day, my department and I walked the 2.4 mile roundtrip from our office to the restaurant and back. The walk definitely made some room in my full belly before I had to sit back down at my desk!
For my afternoon snack I had a can of low sodium V8 vegetable juice, a cheese stick and a handful of almonds. It would have been a great snack if I wasn't going to the gym right after for my High Intesity Interval Training (HIIT). Vegetable juice does not settle well in the belly during sprinting sessions. Aside from the vegetable juice, my HIIT was great! I pushed myself to sprint faster than I ever have before. My HIIT training for today on the treadmill included:
5 minutes warm-up jog at 5 mph
30 seconds of sprinting at 9 mph, followed by 55 seconds of "rest" jogging at 5 mph
Sprinting and "resting" repeated 5 more times
Treadmill cool-down
My goal for Thursday will be to fully complete this training session (I only sprinted for about 20 seconds the last sprint session today) and then have a 5 minute cool-down jog at 5 mph followed by the treadmill cool-down. Wish me luck!
After coming home and taking a shower, I entered a clean kitchen (thanks to the hubby who did the dishes) and proceeded to make dinner. Colonel Mustard pork over a small bed of whole wheat spaghetti and a spinach salad with pears, almonds, red pepper, balsamic vinegar and smoked cheddar from the Fox Country Smoke House (yelp review) that we visited after apple picking in NH a couple weeks ago. YUM! The pork was ok. Not as flavorful as I wanted and a little dry but I'll keep it in my recipe box and try it again someday.
I hear my Matt making me a small protein berry smoothie (below is the picture he took of his smoothie making skills in progress).
According to my SparkPeople page I am going to end my day with just a little over 1600 calories. Not bad for all the great food I enjoyed! I'm going to go enjoy my dessert now! Hope your day was as flavorful as mine!


  1. Sounds like a fantabulous food day all around! Good for you. I need to kick up my blog and I have so many things I want to do with it that I can never settle on one.

  2. Looks like you had a very yummy day!