Sunday, October 18, 2009

Crazy Wednesday

I wasn't feeling very good Wednesday morning so I went in to work a little late. This allowed me to try something new for breakfast. I tried microwaving some "instant" steel cut oatmeal for the first time. It did not turn out well! Half of my oatmeal ended up in the microwave. What was left I added a teaspoon of peanut butter, a dash of cinnamon, a teaspoon of ground flax seed and a handful of frozen blueberries. It tasted good but was slightly disappointing with the mess it made.

My morning snack was an oatmeal raisin walnut Clif bar. I was surprised how good it was! It reminded me of a chewy oatmeal raisin cookie!

I knew I was going to have a food-full afternoon so for lunch I took my typical sandwich and just made it into a salad sans wrap: spinach, marinated mushrooms, blue cheese, sliced chicken breast, banana peppers and a splash of balsamic vinegar with a handful of kettle cooked potato chips.

Because I wasn't feeling well I didn't end up going to the gym. Instead I went to the bar down the street from work, Asgard, for a department get together. I had a Cambridge Brewing Company (CBC) pumpkin ale that was a little too bitter and a Guinness.

After the Asgard Matt and I went to the Passport to Kendall Square Yelp event.
There were a lot of great restaurants, bars and businesses at the event. We decided to share a taste of everything starting with a pulled pork sandwich and a spinach cheese ball from Amelia's Trattoria with a glass of Barefoot Pinot Noir.

Then we had another CBC Pumpkin Ale with a delicious brown bread topped with a duck confit, vegetable and beer mixture that was delicious!! I'll definitely make a trip to CBC to try more of their food!

On to lobster mac & cheese from Sebastian's. It was good but didn't have a lot of lobster so we each had a bite and moved on to the next table.

We finished the night with a small cup of clam chowder from Legal Seafood.

While we were at the Yelp event my sister sent me a text asking if we wanted to get together for dinner. After all this food how could we eat anymore?! Of course we will! We met my sister and her boyfriend at Mooo...
I had 4 East Coast oysters, a handful of truffled french fries, a scoop of squash brulee, two spears of asparagus and a glass of Z-52 Zinfandel. We all shared their HUGE, DELICIOUS sundae for two for dessert. I wasn't feeling too well and had eaten more than my fair share so I only had a bite or two of the sundae. It is so good though!

I went to bed very full and very tired after a great Wednesday night!

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