Monday, October 26, 2009

Facial Friday

I took Friday off from work to prep for our Saturday Oktoberfest party. I slept in a little and then started my morning off with a bowl of tasteless oatmeal. I added a little honey and greek yogurt to the oatmeal. It didn’t taste good so I added some maple syrup. It was now a little sweeter but it was still not satisfying. I forced it down though so I could move on with the day. I decided to treat myself to a facial for all the hard work that I was going to do for the party. I went to see Laura at Salon Euphoria and it was heavenly!

After my facial Matt picked me up to go shopping for the party. Before I could focus on the food for the party I had to feed myself first. We stopped at a Subway for a late lunch. I had a 6 inch tuna salad sandwich on their whole wheat bread with all of the veggies. Matt and I share a little bag of Lays Baked Sour Cream and Onion potato chips. I love these little baked chips!!

After all of our shopping two of my colleagues called to say they were having a girl’s night out on Newbury Street. Matt insisted that I go meet up with them for dinner while he worked on homemade soft pretzels, taking up the entire kitchen and some of the living room. We went to Casa Romero for dinner. I ordered Chicken Mole Enchiladas. I ate half and brought the other half home for Matt. I was proud of myself for managing to restrict my salsa and chips consumption. To compliment my Mexican dinner I ordered the Sampaquita, three tequila based shots. One tasted like pure sour mix, one was straight Patron and the last was a delicious spicy tomato drink. I mixed the Patron and the “sour mix” into a glass of ice to try to balance out the flavors. Next time I’ll just order the tequila tomato drink.

This dark picture is of my Guinness at Daisy Buchanan’s, our last stop for girl’s night out.

When I got home Matt had finished all of the DELICIOUS soft pretzels! We ended the night relaxing on the couch with a glass of red wine. It was a great day even though I didn’t do too much for our party!

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