Sunday, November 29, 2009

Work, work and more work...

Have I mentioned that I have been doing work all day?! winking

My cough kept me up last night AGAIN! Matt was kind enough to get up first, walk the dog and pick up breakfast before he woke me up. I got to sleep in and wake up to breakfast! That's the perfect start to any day! For breakfast I had a ham, egg and cheese on an english muffin, a yogurt and a large coffee. I was going to need the caffeine for all the work I had ahead of me!

Both Matt and I got into the routine of work shortly after breakfast. The next time one of us stopped it was 5:00. Matt decided to run downstairs to City Convenience and pick up a snack for us. He was also nice enough to get me a Lipton honey green iced tea to go with my snack, red pepper hummus and crackers. You'll also notice my medicine! Lucky me!

I finished the project that I had been working on during snack time and decided that if I was going to make dinner I needed to go to Whole Foods stat. I took Bailey out real quick and then walked to our closest store. We have nothing in the house and I got overwhelmed trying to figure out what we were going to eat that I ended up walking around the store about 4 times. I finally decided on pizza and a salad. I picked up the bare necessities for dinner and lunch for tomorrow then walked home. We had a nice pepperoni and red pepper pizza with a side salad for dinner. We're also enjoying one last bottle of wine before we go back to no liquor for the week.

Now I'm going to go do more work and hope that Matt makes a smoothie soon for dessert!
Have a great night!

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