Sunday, November 1, 2009

Rest of the Week Recap

Wow! Before I knew it the week was over! In an attempt to catch up I'm just going to summarize the remainder of my week.

I left Kalamazoo at 7AM to get to Ann Arbor in time for a 9AM breakfast with my cool cousins! Before heading on the road I picked up a granola bar and a coffee from the concierge lounge. I needed something to hold me over for the almost two hour drive.

I met up with my cool cousins (the hyperlink is to their cool jewelry company's website) at Cafe Zola in Ann Arbor for breakfast. I had the frittata with sweet potatoes, caramelized onions, goat cheese and challah croutons. I removed the croutons to cut back on the carbs and ate about 2/3 of the frittata before having to give up.

After lunch I sped to the Detroit airport. Right before I got on my plane back to Boston I realized that I wasn't going to be able to eat for about 4 hours. I decided to quickly eat a slice of pizza before getting on the plane.

After I landed in Boston Matt and I headed up to Ogunquit, Maine for a memorial service for a dear old friend. Five-O, the restaurant that he worked in for years held his memorial service. It was a beautiful night of remembering and celebrating a wonderful life. I obviously didn't bring my phone to the service. So there are no pictures of the appetizers from Five-O or our flatbread and salad dinner from the Front Porch.

Matt and I worked from my in-laws Bed and Breakfast (and home) Thursday. I started my morning with a bowl of oatmeal with bananas and almonds. For an early afternoon snack we had cheese and crackers, apple slices, grapes and a smoothie that my father-in-law made. I of course didn't remember to take pictures until after our early snack. For a late afternoon snack we decided to go to MC Perkins Cove for a drink and an appetizer. I enjoyed a Guinness (or two), a small plate of calamari and three oysters. The oysters ranged in size, getting bigger and bigger until the GIANT OYSTER! Let's just say the last oyster, the largest, was a little tough to swallow but I did it! Surprising my husband and the restaurant staff!

Aside from the giant oysters, MC Perkins Cove holds a lot of memories for Matt and me. Before it was MC Perkins Cove it was the Hurricane (now only located in Kennebunkport). This was the view from the restaurant that we saw Thursday and the same view that we saw before Matt proposed to me on July 3, 2003. tee-hee-hee! I can't believe how time flies!!

After our snacks we went to the Front Porch again for their Cloud 9 weekly special. Special entrees for $9. Can't beat that! Matt and I started our dinner by splitting the chopped salad. For dinner I ordered the spaghetti and meatballs. Matt ordered the chicken spanakopita. We split the entrees so we could try a little of both.

Later that night, when we were finally home in Boston, Matt made a smoothie to enjoy while we watched a TV show. I only had a little because I was still stuffed from all the food we had that day.

I hadn't been in the office all week so I was in a hurry Friday morning. Breakfast was a quick one egg with one egg white with a coffee to go.

For lunch I had to run to our cafeteria and make a salad. Luckily I still had a tortilla to make one little wrap. My salad had a little of everything:
dried cranberries
garbanzo beans
banana peppers
red peppers
balsamic vinegar

After I finished my salad I had a mini Kit Kat bar (in true Halloween spirit) and a big cup of green tea.

For an afternoon snack I had the other granola bar that I had picked up Wednesday morning.

Friday night we went to our friend's house in Quincy for a Halloween party. I, again, forgot to take pictures which is a shame because they did a great job! Their house was covered in spider webs and their dinner spread was delicious! They had homemade mac and cheese, apple glazed ham, mini hot dogs, hot dogs wrapped in biscuits, homemade queso dip, pumpkin pie, sugar cookies and homemade caramel corn. I had the tiniest bit of everything homemade. Yum!

This weekend Matt and I purged our house of all things that we haven't used in over a year. We went through all of our drawers, closets and clothes from the kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom. It was a project that took all weekend but it's almost complete!! We made sure that we had plenty of time to eat even with all of the work!

I was in a hurry to start our project so I had the worst breakfast ever. Half of a Dunkin' Donuts pumpkin muffin and half a bowl of Life cereal.

For lunch we had some leftover ham from the party on top of a salad. We also had wheat crackers with some garlic hummus.

For dinner we met our friends at Shabu-Zen for hot pot. There was pork, chicken, a seafood platter and sake bombs. So good!

After dinner we walked through Beacon Hill checking out the trick-or-treaters. Then we went to Mooo... so the boys could have a nightcap. By the time we got home I was starving again so I made mini whole wheat english muffin pepperoni pizzas.

In a hurry to try to finish our project... I added the bottom of my half of a pumpkin muffin and some ground flax seed to a half serving of oatmeal. I ate the top half, the best part, all by itself first. I also had a small serving of chocolate milk. I guess I had a sweet tooth this morning!

Matt and I had some errands including a trip to the Cambridgeside Galleria so that Matt could have have his iMac looked at the Genius Bar. While we were there I was starving so we decided on a quick lunch. I haven't had Taco Bell in years and decided it was the healthiest food court option. Taco Bell is not as good as I remember! I had one soft and one hard chicken taco with a diet pepsi. Yuk!

My in-laws came down to Boston for dinner. They're going to watch Bailey for us this week because we just decided that we're going to go to NYC next weekend. To say thank you we took them out to dinner at the Capital Grille, our favorite steakhouse in Boston. Matt and I share everything when we come here because the portions are so large! Sorry the pictures aren't that great!
The chopped salad with blue cheese and the bottle of wine we got for the table:

Kona encrusted dry aged sirloin with caramelized onions with a side of mashed potatoes and asparagus:

A cup of green tea which is supposed to aid in digestion, increase your metabolism and has a lot of antioxidants (I definitely needed all the help I could get):

Then finally we all split a double chocolate cookie ice cream sandwich (heaven!):

Looking back at this week my meals were disastrous! I didn't have a home cooked dinner once! I think I did the best I could with my crazy schedule and all of the traveling. I'm very excited to get back in my routine, gym every day and home cooked meals!!!

Hope everyone had a great Halloween! We're now on to November!

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