Sunday, November 22, 2009

Week 1 Goal Recap

I am pretty happy with the results of my first week of goals! A review of my first week with my new goals:

1. Go to the gym at least 5 times a week which will include at a minimum 4 strength training sessions and 2 HIIT sessions. Almost. I completed the 4 strength training and 2 HIIT sessions in 4 workout sessions instead of 5.

2. Drink a full glass of water first thing in the morning to jump start my metabolism. Continue to drink water, at least 8 glasses, throughout the day.

3. No alcohol will be consumed during the week (M-Th) with the exception of special events (i.e. Thanksgiving). woohoo! I was convinced that this was the one I was going to break!

4. Get at least 7 hours of sleep every night! *This is going to be very hard for me. I average about 5 hours of sleep a night currently.* Almost. There was one night that I got 6.5 hours of sleep instead of 7 but I'm still happy with that!

5. Maintain to ensure that I eat no more than 1550 calories a day except on special occasions (i.e. Thanksgiving and birthday celebrations). √ I am pretty sure that I met this goal. I had to estimate lunch for Thursday and my meals at my parent's house. I am pretty sure that I didn't eat more than 1550 calories this week.

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